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9 October 2020: The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court yesterday confirmed the decision of Pre-Trial Chamber II to reject the interim release of Ali Muhammad Ali Abd–Al-Rahman. Judge Piotr Hofmański, Presiding judge on this appeal, read a summary of the judgment in open Court. Mr Abd–Al-Rahman, also known as Ali Kushayb, is charged with 53 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in Darfur, Sudan, on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility.

8 October 2020: Allegations of a leak of Kosovo war crimes case documents from the Specialist prosecutor's Office in The Hague could compromise witnesses' safety and hinder the prosecution of serious crimes. It is suspected that three batches of confidential Prosecutor's Office file, including the names of protected witnesses and other highly senstive information, were delivered to the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veternas's Organisation in Pristina by anonymous couriers in September. Apparently, the files, whose authenticity has neither been independently verified nor denied, have been returned to the Prosecutor's Office. 

7 October 2020: The defense lawyer of Félicien Kabuga, has appealed to not send him to Tanzania to face trial and instead transfer him to The Hague, citing health concerns. Lawyer Emmanuel Altit has made the request in writing to the U.N. International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. The 87 year old Rwandan genocide suspect was arrested in Paris in May, 2020. Last week a court in Paris approved of Félicien Kabuga's extradition to Arusha, Tanzania to face trial. 

6 October 2020: Human Rights Watch reports that the UK government is seeking parliament’s approval of a law, the Overseas Operations Bill, that would make it nearly impossible to prosecute British soldiers for torture and other war crimes committed overseas. HRW argues that the Bill would make it very difficult to prosecute genuine cases by creating a “presumption against prosecution” after five years for torture and other war crimes allegedly committed by members of UK forces overseas. The human rights organisation added that the new law would increase the power of the attorney general, a member of the government, to protect soldiers from prosecution and urged parliament to reject it. 

5 October 2020: The Belgian police last week arrested three men suspected of being involved in the Rwandan genocide. Rwandan state media has identified the three suspects as Pierre Basabose, Seraphin Twahirwa and Christophe Ndangali. The Belgian Prosecutor's office continues to investigate the matter  while the three Rwandan nationals have been charged with serious human rights abuses and have been held under preventive detention. 

2 October 2020: A team of prominent US human rights lawyers are suing the Trump administration over an executive order they say has gagged them and halted their work pursu